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Technologist, Architect, Video Gamer, Electronic Music Lover. These are my musings.


  • MoMember88


    Sea Shepherd on-shore volunteer, Environmentalists, Web Developer by trade.

  • Chris Hockey

    Chris Hockey

    No longer an exiled Geordie, I'm in Education IT support. Also: EG_Lovemoose, Xbox Live Chockster and Steam_Chock.

  • Chad Albritton

    Chad Albritton

    Communications Manager at Fast Forward Academy, an online learning space for tax professionals and accountants.

  • Alex Mendez

    Alex Mendez

    Professional Esports Commentator/Host, Twitch Broadcaster, global icon and national treasure... WutFace. Business inquiries:

  • max


  • Evan Lahti

    Evan Lahti

    Former Editor-in-Chief at PC Gamer - FPS and hockey appreciator

  • Ryan Elam

    Ryan Elam

  • Infection SURVIVAL

    Infection SURVIVAL

    Infection is your source for the latest information on Survival games. Find and share the latest news, changelogs, developments, strategies, and speculation

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